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are some words I do not know

The Marble Hornets one was posted too, but it's at the bottom of the next page :T

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I am going to try to organize my plan thoughts from here through summer and eternity through list-based analysis.
stuff to doooooCollapse )
Let's see, other things.

Draw stuff I promised people (maybe I should stop doing this, srsly):

icemonsters  (though I'm preeetty sure, Laura's not posting here anymore) - Berfdai presents
samiam101  - Skylar +Julia(n)
radioyeti  - Some Berk, I believe
princessropey  - Ropey!
lady_mari_chan  - fanfi'tion drawing~
insanoflex  - Freckle
There are probably more. I will have to remember or be reminded.

Aaaand, things I want to cosplay/WILL COSPLAY:

○ Todd (who is apparently not Bill) - Pokemon Snap, and also just Pokemon, I suppose
○ Girl!Blue Beetle - DC camicks/internet/that one universe everyone's genderbent in or whatever
○ Future Luke Triton - Prof. Layton. I was gonna do regular Luke, but I don't think I can pull it off as well :F
○ Blue Badger... person thing. - Ace Attorney
○ I don't know, I need to watch more stuff or something

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 Maybe, at least it could improve the lack of ever talking to anyone, maybe?
I'll try to post things whenever I have something of relevance to mention. I doubt I'll post art here just because LJ's interface for putting things places still confuses and annoys me, and also I am too lazy to upload things in more than two places.

But, completely contradicting myself, I'm going to try to do this thing at this place -> 30daycc 
With At' and so umm, I'm gonna post art there.

I can't articulate myself! Hello people I haven't spoken to on here for a year! Hello people I saw last weekend and stuff, too.

Current Music: Sparks, yo.

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sum maemCollapse )

Also, guys, I'm not posting picture requests if there's only two, okay :<
So, either go ask to invade my life or just deal.

Tomorrow I have a portfolio review thing with some SCAD reps or something which I'm not really worried about.
And, eww, I go back to school on Tuesday :C

Promise I'll post art next journal. Better, promise I'll post request sketches next journal.

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The Shining movie would be so much easier to take seriously without the RED RUM thing. It's like, ugh, I don't know, just seems really stupid. It wasn't in the book. I don't know where it came from, but it almost ruins the movie for me :T

Okay, here, preoccupy yourselves with this, I guess, because I have a camera and like to use it 8I

1. Ask me to take pictures of any aspect of my life you're curious about.
2. Leave your requests as comments to this entry. One request per person.
3. Please look at the previous requests as to not do repeats.
4. I'll snap the pictures and post them.

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So! I really need to catch this thing up, I guess!
And maybe I will in a bit, like, tomorrow, maybe, but today
and my feet hurt
Either way, I took pictures of animals and things, so I'm gonna post some here, since I have no real other use for them, hoho!

Okay, but first, I never finished that happiness meme, y'know, so I'm just gonna go ahead and
well, some things that have made me happy over the past while


Okay, so now for my zoo adventure, alright, yeah
like I said, it is mostly just pictures of animals, 'cause I like animals~
and actually, it is mostly birds, I believe :I
commence photo dump
Lions and tigers and bears are three things that I did not take any pictures of. Oh my. However, there is a picture of me, so that's close enough, I guess.Collapse )

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I'm pretty sure I didn't mean to say that!

Okay, okay, okay, so hey there
Christmas was pretty frickin' sweet whoooo
andandand, I got a camera that doesn't suck!!! It is actually pretty nice, seeming! I guess this warrants a picture post of some kind, probably!

Okay, but first, happiness:


Yeah, I don't feel like listing anything else, that pretty much sums it up 8D
I guess I'll get pictures of cool stuff I got and show them to you. And my haircut, too, I guess.
I will maybe try to do that tonight, since I'm going to my aunt and uncle's house tomorrow early for Christmas with my mum's side of the family.


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7 more minutes!

1. Last minute Christmas shopping!!!
2. There was this guy at Barnes and Noble who told us that there were five more days of Channukah because we thought there was only a couple more! Learning!
3. A nice lady helped me find a book at B&N!
4. I bought Miska High School Musical Eggos for Christmas lol 8C
5. Haha, Ana's back
6. Laura got me awesomeness presents and came over for a little while!
7. She didn't hate my gifts or at least it didn't seem like she did!
9. I got this thing done before today ended!
10. I get to see Miska in a few days!

Okay, gotta go finish wrapping presents!
Have a happy last few days of December, no matter what you're doing!

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1. My hair straightens really nicely if I wear my skully after I get out of the shower 8D
2. Jeopardy!
3. The Lonely Island. They make me happy every time I listen to them, though. Which has been frequently over the last few years. Go download everything and listen to it forever if you haven't, these guys are fucking funny and great :C
If you don't like them, that's okay, too, though, I guess :T
4. Umm, this.

It is
so hilariously geeky

and adorable <3

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I wish I had more to say!

1. Finished a present for Ana! @v@
2. Watched Planes, Trains, and Automobiles in full for the first time 80
3. My mom gave me these little brass things, there's like, a table and little chairs, and a vase and stuff. They're cute. She picked them up at a yard sale but decided not to use them.
4. Drew some things! I don't feel like scanning them right now, though!
5. Laura's coming over tomorrow! Yay, company!
6. I looked at people's art and stuff and that always makes me jealously happy~
7. I decorated some cookies and they're adorable :>
8. Watched Cold Case Files :9


Okayokay, I guess I'll do this meme here, since this entry is too short and I don't want to make another post for it~
I was tagged by piratecore ! :0!!!

MEME!Collapse )

Also to add to things that made me happy:

9. Watched Guys and Balls! Seriously, guys, it was wonderful.
10. New Kids On The Rock Christmas Special! So great, so fucking funny. I love these guys. Why is everything the Cicieregas touch pure gold?

Bye bye bye!

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More things might happen later to make me happy, but ohh wellll.

1. I got to sleep in.
2. I got a haircuttt, yayyyy It is very short now and I probably look like more of a boy :0
3. I went to Tate's~
4. I got to see the Small Stuff exhibit at the Bear and Bird boutique
5. I got started making some more presents
6. I watched It's A Wonderful Life
7. [adult swim] is going to start showing King of the Hill :>

I don't feel like putting anymore in here, okayyyyy, lazy.

Oh wait, something I don't have to do. YOU DO

Post 5 things you like about me. Then, post 5 things you dislike about me. Don't sugarcoat it! After that, post 5 things you think I should try to change about myself this new years.

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More of this meme!

1. I made $40 at our yard sale today!
2. I ate macaroni and cheese for breakfast!
3. Laura called me!
4. My mum made these delicious little cakey things and I think I've eaten three by now!
5. I kind of got to nap for a while!
6. There was this adorable little girl at the yard sale who kept coming back to get more Chex Mix from my mom and pet Allie!
7. Said little girl was wearing a big t-shirt that said "Cool Kids" on it and turquoise pants as opposed to a tiny skirt and a Hannah Montana shirt!
8. Allie was totally adorable and chill at the yard sale and didn't bark at people!


I don't think I really have much else to say hmmmm.

I promise I wrote this before the day ended, but I thought I was going to add more and then I went and watched the Yu-Gi-Oh! movie with my brother  and now it's tomorrow DDD:

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OKAY WELLL, apparently I have been tagged by a certain superlarkto do this here thinggg
THIS: The rules are that for 8 days you have to post something that made you happy that day. Tag 8 people to do the same.

And so I shall~
And, okay, I gotta tag, umm, hold on, I must know 8 people who haven't been tagged. IF YOU GUYS NEVER READ THIS OR DON'T DO IT, OH WELLL
radioyetiicemonsters1foryes2fornoinsanoflexlady_mari_chanfishandchips  ummmmm, okay, you know what, if you are reading this, I tag you 8|  

Now let's seeeee
1. I watched A Colbert Christmas with my mom and she liked it :>
2. I finished a Christmas present for Laura icemonstersand it made me feel productive~
3. I am on break and that makes me very happy.
5. I can walk on my floor without stepping on things 8D
6. Johnny Cash.




I Am Sam is on. Dakota Fanning terrifies me in this movie.
Also, it makes me laugh.

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I will sketch for the first five people who comment with their request. Simple sketches only.
The catch is that you must put this up in your journal as well. If you absolutely do not draw, go for drabbles, etc.

I will only draw originals.

this is what I got myself into
let us see how many people who do not regularly comment comment here
it is okay with me, really, if you do
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I have a lot to do before Christmas, most of which involves drawing people things since I am too poor to buy presents anyway, for the most part. So many people I want to draw stuff for.
Need to get on that. Right now, though, I really want to sleep. I should not do that, it is not a good idea.
I'll try not to.

I must have some pictures to show to you people. Hmmmmmm, lesseeee
not much. I guess most of the drawing I've been doing is for that dern OC meme remix thinger
Got these two:

just OC shits
At', Noah, Atlus, and Matt. Mrrph.
I don't feel writing stuff right now.
all my characters are such faggots aughhhh
oh well, I rather like them, I guess

And I suppose I will post this thing
you know
this thing

you know what I'm talking aboutCollapse )

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There is, I think, a high probability of getting kicked out of College Academy
and ummm, this isn't bothering me
I would be losing the opportunity to get a AA degree and a high school diploma at the same time
that seems pretty fucking sweet
I kind of almost hope I do get kicked out
although I don't necessarily really want to go back to my high school :T
I kind of like easy school
oh well, we'll see how things flesh out~

Now let's see here
I suppose I could do some memes.
I would worry about doing so many memes annoying people, but hardly anyone reads this thing as far as I can tell anyway, so whateverrr
Oh senseless fill-in-the-blanks, will I ever tire of you?

I filled it out for you~Collapse )
Okay, it is 3:38 am. I have once again put off writing my research paper, which is by the way, due tomorrow, or well, today.
Yeah, this is why I suck.
No art for today, I'm going to sleep. French oral exam tomorrow. Ugh.

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I am
so sick of this.
This sitting around doing nothing and this school thing.
I really just want to go do fun something with people I like. Nnnnnngh.
But for now I'll do this.

I've been wanting to get back into traditional media, but it's hard :C
Colored pencils I have the patience to use, but I want to paint. Except I'm lazy when it comes to setting everything up to paint and I don't know what to paint. Hmph.

Okay, but, colored pencils~Collapse )

and then hey look memes
what a surpriseCollapse )
AND VIDYASCollapse )

Oh and hey even if you don't bother reading or looking at the rest, could you at least comment and tell me this:
What would you say is the most obscure band you listen to? Just curious @w@;;

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It was nice having a day off, I don't want to go back to school :C

Okay, we got pictures,Collapse )


I do not know who I have forced this on before, but I love these guys so much:

and more hereee
and here

too cool
I want to be this cool

Good night <33

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this is what I do in school:
drawringgsssCollapse )

And then

+ a memeCollapse )

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I'm still not sure what I'm gonna do with this thing other than maybe comment on other people's shit.
But, kay, that's good enough.

  Maybe I could use it as a sketchblog type thing. I guess. Maybe. I still don't know how to use this silly site. I GET THE FEELING I'M DOING EVERYTHING WRONG

Okay, but whatever
I would like to start this off nice and gay, so here's a unicorn I drew at some indeterminable point in timeCollapse )

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